Heat recovery system for new hotel construction with 125 rooms

The hot water distribution for this hotel, which was built in Belgium, was consistently geared towards efficiency and was therefore completely redesigned. The system is based on the Daikin VRV system and the Haase hot water tank (VRV stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume” – “Variable Refrigerant Volume Flow”). It should save a total of over 200,000 kWh per year compared to conventional systems.
The aim of the overall system is to utilize the waste heat generated during the cooling phase of the VRV system used. This results in an hourly energy saving of approx. 50 kWh. Two additional VRV units are available for hot water generation if insufficient heat is recovered in the cooling process. This part of the system can deliver up to 100 kW per hour. The key to the success of the system is feeding the primary energy into the 14,900 liter hot water tank from Haase. The primary heating water circulates throughout the building, fresh water stations supply the hot water for the individual rooms on each floor via a heat exchanger system.