4 underground heating oil tanks for industrial business

A manufacturer of machines for food packaging had planned to move to a new location. An old industrial hall should be completely renovated for this purpose. An important part of this reconstruction was the installation of an inexpensive and future-proof heating system.

A highly efficient oil boiler should ensure the supply of heat. The necessary storage capacity was 60,000 liters. The customer opted for 4 Haase underground tanks, each with a filling volume of 15,000 liters. The conditions when installing the tanks on the factory premises were quite a challenge: the groundwater was only approx. 50 cm below the ground level. A lowering of the groundwater was therefore inevitable for the excavation of the pit.

After inserting the Haase underground tanks and filling the construction pit to approximately half the pit depth, the tanks were fitted with a buoyancy protection. This consists of a defined amount of concrete and is of course approved by the building authorities.

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