8,000 l buffer hot water tank for an old farmhouse

A farmhouse in Thuringia, built in 1880, has recently been home to a Haase hot water tank. A solar thermal system with a surface of approx. 30 m² and a 35 kW solid fuel boiler serve as the heat source for the storage. The spatial arrangement of the buffer tank and boiler in the boiler room even makes it possible to transport the wood directly to the boiler with a lift loader. This optimal use of space was only possible through the on-site installation of the Haase hot water tank, because it could be built up to the ceiling and thus only took up a small footprint of 2.50 m in diameter – and this with a volume of approx. 8,000 Liters!

In addition, the hot water tank is equipped with a fixed flange DN 80. This enables the use of an electrical heating cartridge. Thus, for example, the electricity generated in a photovoltaic system can be stored as heat. The new owner of the buffer storage would like to purchase a PV system shortly. The heating cartridge in the heat accumulator thus gives him the option of using the electricity himself completely (primarily in times when he is not paid) or to feed it into the public grid.

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