Above ground Haase fat separator installed in a daycare center

A common problem: The fat separator made of PE, 17 years old, was cracked and therefore irreparably damaged. The daycare center in Dresden could suffer immense damage if a new grease trap were not put into operation as quickly as possible.

The daycare center attaches great importance and is proud to produce up to 150 healthy meals a day from fresh ingredients in its own kitchen. A replacement for the defective grease separator had to be found as quickly as possible. The biggest problem: The bunker, in which the old separator and the lifting system were located, is only accessible through a hatch with the dimensions 60 x 80 cm. The bunker was built 17 years ago, the separator was placed in it and then a 70 cm thick concrete ceiling was pulled over it. Of course, this would have been completely unacceptable in terms of both time and money for changing the separator.
The alternative: the on-site and freely erectable fat separator from Haase. The finished separator for this construction project with the nominal size 4 has a diameter of 100 cm and a height of 170 cm, nevertheless it fit through the tank hatch because it was installed in individual parts and then assembled.
A special plus: assembly can be completed within one working day.

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