Esslingen relies on fat separator made of GRP

After the successful installation of a Haase fat separator in the Esslingen castle for the restaurant “Trödler zur Burgschänke”, the system for the “Ristorante Reichsstadt” in the historic center of Esslingen opposite the Old Town Hall was replaced. In both cases, the old and corroded steel separators were replaced by GRP separators. The Haase fat separators are permanently tight and stable up to the top of the terrain. This is achieved thanks to the dimensionally stable, aging-resistant and 100% corrosion-free glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) used in the manufacture.

Since the shaft is causing problems in many systems, it is already factory-made liquid-tight on the Haase fat separator made of GRP. This reduces the installation effort on the construction site and there are no joints that can leak.
In this way, the city of Esslingen has found a permanent solution, so that unsightly and complex construction and renovation measures on the fat separator system on the historic market place are a thing of the past.

Data to the fat separator:

  • NS 7 fat storage: 400 l
  • Sludge trap: 1,400 l
  • Weight: 1,500 kg
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