Factory made buffer hot water tank for butcher shop

In many commercial and industrial companies, there is a large amount of waste heat – energy that can be saved quickly if you use it sensibly. Usually, however, is the waste heat, e.g. cannot be used immediately during the manufacturing process or during cooling in air conditioning systems – the time delay can only be bridged with a buffer hot water tank.

These considerations led to the integration of a new hot water tank tank with a volume of 28,150 liters into the existing heating system at a large butcher’s shop in Berlin.
The company pakt (Potsdamer Anlagenbau und Kältetechnik GmbH) planned and designed a corresponding large buffer hot water tank in an outdoor installation. Loading takes place via a high-pressure heat pump and uses the waste heat generated in the air conditioning system. This is primarily used for hot water preparation, e.g. B. for cleaning, but also for heating support.

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