Frankfurter brewery favorizes GRP separator

Frankfurter Brauhaus GmbH has renewed its light liquid and grease separators and will use glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) for these systems in the future.
The brewery in Frankfurt (Oder) belongs together with the Feldschlößchen brewery in Dresden and the Gilde brewery in Hanover to TCB-Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and ranks among the top ten brewery groups in Germany. The products are not only successfully sold under the name “Frankfurter”, but also private labels for large retail chains.

The new light liquid separator from Haase cleans, among other things, the wastewater from the forklift washroom. The grease separator for the factory canteen prevents grease from getting into the drainage network. In contrast to the products made of concrete, the GRP separators are corrosion-free and permanently sealed without any additional coating. Since the shaft also consists of the chemically resistant material, the beer manufacturer can look into a safe future without expensive renovation costs.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the construction company Böttner and the specialist office for environmental technology FMK, the Frankfurt brewery could be offered an all-round carefree package, from planning the separator to delivery and installation to initial commissioning and specialist training.

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