Fat separator for butcher shop in Upper Bavaria

The fat separator at the Mayr butcher’s shop in Upper Bavaria had to be replaced due to severe concrete corrosion and increased wastewater volume. The particular challenge was that the only possible installation location for the separator system was directly on the building wall. In addition, the narrow street could not be opened more than 0.50 m from the edge to allow access to the cul-de-sac at any time.
The installation situation in connection with the large inlet depth of 2.40 m made it impossible to install a new separator made of concrete or PE. The task was solved with a fat separator made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). The system can withstand high static loads and, unlike PE separators, can also be installed with a large earth cover. The low weight compared to concrete separators made it possible to move with an excavator, despite the tight installation conditions.
The extended dome shaft with a diameter of 1.00 m has already been factory-fitted to the separator system. This means that the fat separator has no weak points in the form of joints and passed the leak test without any problems during initial commissioning.
The system could therefore be installed quickly, so that the butcher could start operating again within a few hours.

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