Heating oil tank from Haase – buoyancy-proof and double-walled

Special precautionary measures must be taken in flood-prone areas. Tanks for supplying the heating system, for example, must be secured against floating. Just holding the heating oil tank on the floor is not enough. It must also be so stable that it can withstand the enormous water pressure that acts on the flooded tank.

The double-walled Haase basement tanks with buoyancy protection are approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for flooding heights of up to 1.70 m above the tank lid.

The on-site installation ensures that even difficult spatial access and space conditions are not a problem.

Double-walled underground tanks from Haase have been proving themselves for over 35 years. Like the basement tanks, they are equipped with an automatic leak detection system and monitor themselves around the clock.
The high-quality material GRP guarantees dimensional stability, aging resistance and 100% freedom from corrosion. The high level of safety and proven technology allow double-walled Haase underground tanks to be stored even in flood-prone areas and when the groundwater level is high.
In these cases, the tank is simply provided with an inexpensive type of buoyancy protection.

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