Safe filling area through Haase separators

Pickelmann GmbH also opted for a light liquid separator on glass fiber reinforced plastic. The energy trader supplies a wide range of customers with heating oil, fuels and lubricants as well as pellets. The company stores the water-polluting substances on the company’s premises in Betzenstein. The separator ensures the prescribed safety when filling the storage containers and when refueling the vehicles.

When it became clear that a new separator was needed for the company premises, it quickly became clear that the decision was made in favor of Haase. Mr. Pickelmann has already had good experiences with the above and underground heating oil tanks made of GRP. In particular, the liquid-tight dome shaft, which has proven itself in heating oil storage tanks for over 20 years, is one of the major differences from conventional concrete separator systems. The refurbishment costs incurred by the Pickelmann company in the shaft area are a thing of the past.

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