Safety collecting tank for reloading point

For an internationally leading manufacturer and provider of products and services related to compressed air, the company Angermüller Bau GmbH has built an extension on the company premises in Coburg. A reloading point for the operating oils of the compressors was also set up in the delivery area.

The specialty for the required light liquid separator was that the 9 different oils with densities in the range of 0.860g / cm³ to 0.985g / cm³ were retained. Since light liquid separators work mainly due to the difference in density and water is known to have a density of approx. 1 g / cm³, oils with a density above 0.95 g / cm³ cannot be safely retained.

Because of this, a safety collecting tank was installed in front of the light liquid separator. The electrical control was installed professionally by the Müller workshop service. During the handling process, the flow tube is automatically closed by the butterfly valve, so that the oils are retained in the safety collecting tank in the event of an accident. Rainwater, on the other hand, can run freely through the piped basin into the separator.
The safety collecting tank and the light liquid separator are chemically permanently tight and resistant due to the properties of the glass fiber reinforced plastic for the operating oils used.

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