Separator for agency in charge of turnpike maintenance in Weissenberg

The highway maintenance in Weißenberg in Saxony is responsible, among other things, for more than 65 km of motorway, 90 bridges and the “Königshainer Berge” tunnel, which is very important for the region. A new separator was also installed as part of the renovation of the washing area.

The durability of the Haase separators was decisive for the State Office for Road Construction and Traffic, in whose area the highway maintance fall: This means that in the medium and long term the total of acquisition, inspection and maintenance costs is lower than that of the competition.

The separator of nominal size NS10 installed in Weißenberg with sludge trap, petrol and coalescence separator and integrated sampling point is also characterized by the permanent tightness typical of Haase: the surface of the separator made of glass fiber reinforced plastic is chemically resistant, flanges and the dome shaft are laminated. The container wall has no joints that represent a weak point in concrete separators.

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