Sludge trap and oil separator for self-service car wash

The washing area operated by Jörg Behrens Technik was expanded from 3 to 6 self-service boxes. The separator systems were also renewed as part of this expansion. To do this, the groundwater first had to be lowered in order to be able to excavate the excavation pit. Both the sludge trap and the Haase oil separator could be moved due to the low weight of the excavator on site. The containers were then filled to just above the equator of the spherical tanks before the cost-effective buoyancy protection was applied with earth-moist concrete.

Thanks to the three-wall structure of the tank wall, the tanks are completely liquid-tight both from the outside and from the inside. Thus, the pressing groundwater cannot harm the separator system.

Since dirt and less light liquid are mainly generated during vehicle cleaning, the NS 20 S-II-I-P oil separator has been expanded with a pre-sludge trap. As a result, the disposal intervals of the separator system can be extended significantly, which can reduce the operating costs of the system.

The sludge trap was equipped with two inlets so that the feed pipes could be checked individually.

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