Underground buffer hot water tank for CHP

A lying in the ground buffer hot water tank with a volume of 14,300 liters has recently been fed by a combined heat and power plant in a Bavarian thermal bath. The storage tank is designed for an operating temperature of up to 110 ° C and a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar.

Since the groundwater level at the desired installation location is very high, the hot water tank had to be equipped with a buoyancy protection. Buoyancy protection can be installed quickly and inexpensively for the underground buffer storage from Haase. To this end, tabs are laminated in the factory in the lower area of the hot water tank (so-called push knobs). After the storage tank has been inserted into the construction pit, a defined amount of commercially available concrete is poured around the tank, which secures the storage tank against any buoyancy with the help of the push knobs.

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