Fat separator for commercial kitchen in Königslutter

A Haase fat separator with a nominal size of 20 was installed in the Lower Saxony AWO psychiatric center in Königslutter. The separator is used to separate greasy waste water from the kitchen. More than 1,000 meals a day are prepared here for psychiatric patients, the workforce, as well as surrounding kindergartens and schools.

The new fat separator was absolutely necessary because the old concrete tank had leaked and had to be repaired extensively for every regular leak test in the past 15 years. This, and the rental of a mobile separator that was necessary in the meantime, caused enormous costs, which are now no longer necessary with the Haase fat separator. In addition to the double-wall technology, this is guaranteed above all by the corrosion and chemical resistance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic from which the Haase fat separator is made. There are no deposits on its smooth inner surfaces.

Checks are easily possible thanks to the easy access via the DN 1,000 manhole. The spherical shape also makes cleaning much easier. The clinic will be able to use its new separator for a very long period of time without additional repair and maintenance costs.

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