Heat and cold storage to increase energy efficiency

For an Austrian fruit juice manufacturer, in addition to the highest product quality, the responsible use of natural resources is paramount. An important building block for this is energy efficiency – the production should take place with the lowest possible energy consumption. The company therefore works consistently to avoid heat loss and to use previously “wasted” waste heat.

For this purpose, two Haase containers were integrated into the water supply. For this purpose, heat is extracted from the 19 ° C cold process water by a heat pump and pumped back into the cold storage at a temperature of 12 ° C. With the energy gained, the 86 ° C hot water from the return of the production process is heated by approx. 7 ° C and temporarily stored in the Haase hot water tank until it is used. The medium heated to 93 ° C is then used for several different hot water lines, for example for disinfection or cleaning processes.

Technical drawing of the hot water tank.
Technical drawing of the cold water tank.
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