Hot water tank with 22 m³ volume for pool heating

In this project, a privately inhabited house near Dresden was expanded by a small office building with a garage and technical center. Several energy sources are used to load the 30 m³ indoor pool and to support the heating of the two buildings: a heat pump with 20 kW, 13 m² tube collectors and a photovoltaic system. The electricity from the solar system is fed in via 2 heating cartridges, each with a power of 6 kW.
The intention of the operator: He wants to collect enough heat in summer that there is a correspondingly large reserve for pool heating in autumn and winter. This requirement made a large storage necessary.
The customer ultimately opted for a hot water tank from Haase. The decisive factors were the efficiency of the GRP storage, the very low heat losses and the optimal use of space that are possible with the storage from Haase.

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