Scandinavian petrol station chain equipped with Haase separators

A large mineral oil dealer with several hundred petrol stations in Sweden and Denmark relies on the permanently sealed and durable light liquid separators from Haase. The decisive factor in the company’s decision was the premise of being able to offer customers consistently low fuel prices. The GRP separator from Haase fits this company philosophy, because its operating costs run to zero due to the seamless tank structure and the material of glass fiber reinforced plastic. In contrast, concrete products always come with considerable renovation costs, as the coating wears out over the years and shaft joints become leaky. In addition, the petrol stations for separator refurbishment must be taken out of service, to the detriment of customers and operators.

The height of the seamlessly laminated shaft can also be adjusted on site at any time. Another advantage is the light weight and compact design of the Haase separator. This enabled the system to be transported inexpensively by a freight forwarder, and the heavy-duty transport that was usual with concrete separators was not necessary. Unloading was straightforward with an excavator. An easy entry and thus a quick and uncomplicated inspection is possible via the cathedral shaft.

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