Separator was repaired with GRP lining

The leak test of the separator system revealed leaks both in the separator and on the pipes. The system therefore had to be completely renovated.

For this purpose, the separator system working on a scrap yard was first emptied and cleaned. Kanal Schmitt GmbH then renovated the pipes with GRP inliners before the Haase company lined the size 10 separator with pre-assembled laminate panels made of the same material. Due to the flexibility of the plate, the access conditions via the shaft (DN 600) and the non-removable built-in parts in the separator were no obstacles. The conical shaft was renovated using the manual lamination process. Finally, grub screws were laminated so that the previously removed metal parts can be screwed on again.

The sewer renovation with the GRP inliners made it possible to optimally integrate the inlet into the separator. At the end, the metal pipe was connected to the GRP by an elastic polyurethane adhesive. The transition to the concrete shaft was realized in the same way.

A liquid-tight container was thus placed in the separator, with the existing concrete ensuring the statics and the GRP for the chemical resistance.

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