Store heating oil safely with Haase basement tanks

Oil heater operators with older tanks are familiar with these problems:

  • The tanks stink, so you can smell the heating oil not only in the basement, but often throughout the house
  • The containers deform, which can tear off connections and fittings
  • Through settling of the tanks, the so-called elephant feet form and thus the stability is often no longer guaranteed 
  • A particular problem: the drip pan is no longer leakproof, cracks and efflorescence have formed, and the paint has flaked off

The operator of an oil heater in Bruckmühl in Upper Bavaria was also unsure whether his system was still approved. After a brief inspection, an independent expert was no longer responsible for the reuse of the tanks. A modern, safe heating oil tank from Haase was the best way to make the entire system future-proof without the need for further tests.

Haase basement tank is constructed with double walls and is absolutely odor-proof.

Double-walled, assembled on site, absolutely odor-proof, aging-resistant, that’s what a safe oil tank must look like!

The drip pan of the old PE tanks is not in good condition.

Typical problems with the drip pan: the paint is no longer dense, the paint flakes off and cracks have also formed.

The old system is deformed and the tank contents are no longer recognizable.

The old, single-walled tanks have deformed, because of the discolouration the tank contents are sometimes no longer recognizable.

Due to the deformation, the connections on the oil tank leak and can tear off.

The deformations cause connections to leak and can even tear off.

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