Haase Tank GmbH in Großröhrsdorf near Dresden specializes in the development and manufacture of tanks in numerous versions for industry and building services as well as molded parts made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).

In 1999 the Haase GFK-Technik GmbH was founded as an independent company in Großröhrsdorf.


As early as 1961, Mr. Harry Haase laid the foundation stone for the Haase Group with a construction company in Schleswig-Holstein and had become the market leader in the tank industry with the double-walled underground tanks in the early 1970s.
The slogan “I am two oil tanks”, coined by Hans Scheibner (here you can find out more about its history) and the associated logo had made a decisive contribution to this success.

Plastic parts for the automotive industry have been produced in Großröhrsdorf in Saxony since the 1960s. The hall, which was completed in 1989, was also designed for this, and after the political and economic turnaround, vacancy suddenly threatened without orders. At that time, Harry Haase was looking for experienced plastics technicians who could help him build molds for his underground tanks. He was so enthusiastic about the result of this collaboration that he developed the double-walled heating oil beasement tank made of GRP with the employees still remaining in the factory. With the great success of this tank, the Großröhrsdorf production facility now belonged to the Haase Group as “Haase Tank GmbH Werk Sachsen”.

In 1998, an independent company was founded with “Haase GFK-Technik GmbH”.
In 2003, the production of the underground tanks was also moved to Großröhrsdorf. This step opened up even more opportunities to continuously expand the product range. The hot water tanks, light liquid separators (LPA and LPZ) and grease separators were added to the “old classics” of the Haase basement tanks and underground tanks.

In 2017 the “Haase GFK-Technik GmbH” was renamed to “Haase Tank GmbH”.
Since the production facility in Großröhrsdorf was founded, the number of employees has increased from 7 to almost 50.

Since 2003, the underground tanks are produced at the factory in Großröhrsdorf.

Our tanks have proven themselves many times with well-known customers both in Germany and in other European countries. In the meantime, Haase quality has been used in Asia, Africa and North and South America.


Partners trained by Haase can be found in Germany and other European countries.

Of course, the employees of Haase Tank GmbH cannot be on the move everywhere in Germany and around the world. They are therefore actively supported by regional Haase partners. In Germany the number of certified partners has risen to over 60 and we also have partner companies abroad. This is how we assure our customers of optimal service, both in the industrial and in the building services area.

We attach particular importance to our trusting and long-term business relationships with all our partners.


In addition to the well-known Haase underground and basement tanks for heating oil, a large number of other GRP products are now being manufactured. The basic material proves to be very versatile.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic is corrosion-free, dimensionally stable, aging-resistant and absolutely odor-proof. This results in a multitude of possible uses, ranging from containers for water-polluting liquids (e.g. for oils, chemicals, waste water) to oil and grease separators and landfill shafts to hot water tanks, permanently sealed linings and molded parts.

But that’s not all: our in-house research and development department is constantly working on innovative product variants. For example, the use of natural fibers in suitable product areas has been investigated and has now been put into series production for fuel filler caps and plateaus.


You can download a company brochure with a compact overview of our products here or contact us directly using our contact form.


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